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CMD Flash Bench Mode Boot Cable

Câble boot pour inferface CMD Flash permettant la lecture boot en pinout (sans ouverture) des centrales moteur EDC17 ME17, MED17.
Il se branche sur le port BDM et offre le BOOT2 et BOOT3. (l’ordre du boot 2 et 3 n’est pas important)
les broches femelles pinout tiennent parfaitement en place sur les petits pins des calculateurs bosch.
Longeur: 500mm

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EDC17, ME17, MED17 pinout boot cable for CMD flash interface. To be used in combination with the CMD flash universal cable. Allows for bench mode boot reading of these ecu’s without opening the ecu.
Plugs into the BDM port and offers the BOOT2 and BOOT3 pinout for cmd flash bench boot mode. (the order is not relevant)
The pinout connectors are a perfect fit on the small bosch ecu pins so they hold securely in place.
cable length: 500mm

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CMD Flash MEDC17 Bench Mode Boot Cable